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A letter from Marina's parents

We want to offer our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who responded to “The Opposite of Loneliness”; you cannot imagine how beautiful it was to learn that Marina’s words inspired countless people around the globe. We have read so many stories of inspiration, like the returning vet who now plans to pursue a medical degree; the sixty-five-year-old who realized it was ‘not too late’ to run for political office, and the Wall Street executive who left his job to work for a non-profit. The thought that, at this very moment, someone could be reading our daughter’s words, her beliefs, her concerns, and be inspired to make this world a better place is amazing and humbling. Marina would have been so honored. She would also want us to spend time not on accolades, but rather on action. It is through your actions that Marina’s spirit lives on.

In her sophomore year at college, one of Marina’s friends asked her what she thought about the meaning of life. Marina answered in one word, love. Marina went on to say that she planned to live for love:

 “What happens after or beyond this life is impossible to know, so I will focus my energies and love towards this life and the human race which inhabits it.”

While we can never hold our daughter in our arms again, we will hold tight to her vision of a world where each one of us makes a difference through the energy of our love.

We would be honored and humbled if you would join us on the journey.

–– Marina's parents

        Tracy Shoolman

        Kevin Keegan

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